Laurie Rubel

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics Education in the Faculty of Education of the University of Haifa.

My primary research interests focus on teacher education and in particular, sociocultural contexts of teaching and learning mathematics. I use equity lenses to study things like language and culture in mathematics education, mathematical thinking in and out of school, real-world contexts in the teaching of mathematics, gender and mathematics teaching and learning, data science education, and teaching mathematics for spatial justice.

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Laurie Rubel

Recent publications:

Rubel, L., Ayalon, M. & Shahbari, J. (2022, advance online publication). Sequencing & selecting solutions in a gendered world. Mathematical Thinking & Learning.

Ayalon, M. & Rubel, L. (2022, advance online publication). Selecting and sequencing for a whole-class discussion: Teachers’ considerations. Journal of Mathematical Behavior.

Rubel, L., Nicol, C. & Chronaki, A. (2021). A critical mathematics perspective on reading data visualizations: reimagining through reformatting, reframing, and renarrating. Educational Studies in Mathematics.

Rubel, L. & McCloskey, A. (2021). Contextualization of mathematics: Which and whose world? Educational Studies in Mathematics, 107, 383- 404.

Rubel, L. & Nicol, C. (2020). The power of place: Spatializing the social in critical mathematics education. Mathematical Thinking & Learning, 22(3), 173–194.

Rubel, L. & Ehrenfeld, N. (2020). Palestinian/Arab Israeli women’s experiences in mathematics education: An intersectional analysis. International Journal of Educational Research, 102.

Rubel, L. (2017). Equity-directed instructional practices for secondary mathematics in urban schools. Journal of Urban Mathematics Education 10(2), 66–105.

Rubel, L., Hall-Wieckert, M., & Lim, V. (2017). Making space for place: mapping tools and practices to teach for spatial justice. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 26(4), 643–687.

Rubel, L., Lim, V., Hall-Wieckert, M., & Sullivan, M. (2016). Teaching mathematics for spatial justice: an investigation of the lottery. Cognition & Instruction 34(1), 1–26.

Rubel, L., Hall-Wieckert, M., & Lim, V. (2016). Teaching mathematics for spatial justice in urban schools: Beyond a victory narrative. Harvard Educational Review 86(4), 556–579.

Department of Mathematics Education

Faculty of Education

University of Haifa

199 Aba Khoushy Ave., Mount Carmel, Haifa, 3498838, Israel

Room 513, Education and Sciences Building